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Hot Club of Cowtown

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 6:00
Dance Lesson at 6:30, Live Music at 7:30

Imagine a rowdy, smoky saloon, or maybe a sticky-fingered barbecue, and you’ll have a taste of the flavor of Hot Club of Cowtown. Hot and sweet, this boisterous Austin-based trio has developed an international following, opening for the likes of Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Roxy Music, all the while remaining true to their roots. With virtuosic fiddling, aerobic bass-slapping, and seductive vocals, they breathe life into old and old-fashioned songs alike.

Hot Jazz, Western Swing

Dance Lesson: John Knapp and Meredith Stead Teach Texas Two-Step
DJ: Meredith Ochs

Damrosch Park
62nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam