Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

In an effort to be in “concert” with the nightly programming of Midsummer Night Swing, Restaurant Associates has developed a new Street Food BBQ program for Damrosch Park created by their very own celebrity chef Ed Brown (Ed’s Chowder House, Iron Chef).

Street Food BBQ Menu

Pepper Jack Cheese Steak $9
Shaved beef, caramelized Vidalia onion, melted pepper jack cheese

Sweet Chili BBQ Chicken $8
Palm and carrot slaw

Two Sausage and Pepper $8.5
Sweet fennel sausage, spicy merguez, slow-roasted cubanelle pepper, and Vidalia onion

Grilled Eggplant Kabob with Feta on Pita $7
Za’atar spices, pickles, spicy pepper, tomato, and yogurt dressing

Mexican Street Corn $4.5
Crema, queso blanco, pimenton, and fresh lime

In addition to this menu, they will offer nightly food-and-cocktail specials inspired by the country or region of the performers. For example, a New Orleans specialty such as jambalaya might be offered the night the Palmetto Bug Stompers perform, or grilled carne asada when Aurora y Zon del Barrio take the stage. Prices will be under $10.